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    Scrutiny committee
    12 Nov 2015 - 16:30
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    Standard Items
    1 Apologies
    To receive apologies for absence
    2 Public questions/petitions

    To receive questions / petitions from the public (notice to be given to committee officer in advance of the meeting in accordance with appendix 1 of the council's constutition)
    3 Declarations of interest
    (Please note that it is the responsibility of individual members to declare an interest prior to the item if they arrive late for the meeting)
    To approve the accuracy of the minutes of the meeting held on 15 October 2015
    Purpose - To note the scrutiny work programme and agree any potential topic(s) that may be tested against the TOPIC analysis for future inclusion onto the programme. For the assistance of members, the cabinet forward agenda is also included.
    6 Update of the rep for the Norfolk county health overview and scrutiny committee
    Purpose - For the committee to note the work of NHOSC and comment on any implications for Norwich residents for the representative to take back to the next meeting of NHOSC
    Purpose - To respond to any questions relating to the quarter 1 performance report.
    Purpose - To provide a progress report on the work undertaken to implement the recommendations agreed by cabinet in July 2013 from the review of community space undertaken by scrutiny committee in 2012-13.
    Purpose - To consider the work done so far to address the recommendations from the review.
    10 Exclusion of the public
    Purpose - Consideration of exclusion of the public.
    *11 Update on the recommendations from the scrutiny review of building social inclusion and capital in Norwich Appendix C
    • This report is not for publication because it would disclose information relating to any individual as in para 1 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972.


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