Members of the public and media have the right to attend meetings of full council, the cabinet and committees except where confidential information or exempt information is likely to be disclosed, and the meeting is therefore held in private.

    Further information about speaking at meetings and filming or recording and use of social media at council meetings is available by clicking here.  The schedule of meetings for 2023/2024 can be accessed here

    To view committee documents from 10 June 2014 please click on the committee to open up the list of meetings or use the interactive meetings calendar.   For meetings held before 10 June 2014 please use the archived documents tab above.


    The majority of committee meetings are being held in person but will continue to be livestreamed and available on the council's Youtube channel which can be found at this link


    Norwich City Council


    The cabinet consists of eight members of the Labour group, including the leader of the council. The cabinet makes recommendations to the council on the budget and policy framework. It also carries out all the executive functions of the council which are not reserved to the full council, exercised by another committee or delegated to an officer.


    The council is made up of 39 councillors. It meets several times a year and members of the public are welcome to attend. One of its broad functions is to agree the authority's policies which govern the way services are provided. In addition to this, it meets every year to set the budget, level of council tax and to elect the Lord Mayor and Sheriff.

    Informal planning applications briefing

    Informal briefings for the planning applications committees on pre-applications schemes. Members of the public, ward councillors and other interested parties are welcome to attend.

    Twinning committee

    The twinning committee meets three times each civic year to exchange information and share ideas between Norwich's twinning associations (Koblenz; Novi Sad; Rouen).

    Other committees