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    29 Nov 2016 - 19:30
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    To approve the accuracy of the minutes of the council meeting held on 27 September 2016

    6 Questions to cabinet members / committee chairs

    (A printed copy of the questions and replies will be available at the meeting)

    Purpose - To approve the Sector Led Appointment of external auditors from 2018-19

    8 Motion - Unaccompanied refugee children

     Proposed by Councillor Wright and seconded by Councillor Ackroyd

    The refugee crisis has continued over the summer including refugees from Syria but also from other countries, with an estimated 88,000 unaccompanied children believed to be travelling through continental Europe, vulnerable to falling prey to exploitation and abuse.

    Council RESOLVES to:

    1) welcome the central government’s commitment in the Immigration Act 2016 to create a     resettlement scheme to bring unaccompanied refugee children from continental Europe     to safety in the UK, but notes the very slow progress that has been made in implementing     a scheme to cater for this highly vulnerable group.

    2) endorse Liberty’s “statement of support” pressuring central government to honour its     commitment without delay and also call on council members to pledge their individual     support via Liberty’s website     refugee-children

    3) recognise the important role that the residents of Norwich have been playing in caring for     children and their families seeking sanctuary.

    4) urge central government, by asking group leaders to write to appropriate ministers, to     work closely with local government to ensure that councils have the funding and support     to build the essential regional infrastructure necessary to secure the placement and     support of children across the country, especially in relation to housing provision,     educational needs, and English language provision, and help us build them a brighter,     safer future.

    9 Motion - Housing-related support budget reductions

    Proposed by Councillor Harris and seconded by Councillor Thomas

    Norwich City Council works closely with a number of statutory and voluntary sector organisations, some of which the council commissions, to provide significant support to people affected by homelessness and to meet the housing needs of some of the most vulnerable people in the city.

    Norfolk County Council is proposing budget reductions of £4.678m to the £9.1m housing related support budget in Norfolk in 2017/18. This will impact significantly upon services commissioned by Norfolk County Council in Norwich for housing related (accommodation based) support and floating support for people in their own accommodation.

    Council RESOLVES to:

    1) note that if Norfolk County Council’s proposals are implemented, it could lead to     increased demand on Norwich City Council services which are already under pressure     and an increase in costs of £677,000 per annum because of increased pressure upon     housing options prevention and statutory homelessness work, the neighbourhood     housing service and an increase to rough sleeper outreach contract costs.

    2) support Norfolk County Council to reconsider these proposed cuts in light of the evidence     that this will expose some of the most vulnerable in our society to even greater risk.

    3) ask the Leader of the Council to write to Norwich MPs highlighting, once again, the     impact of central government cuts on local government and the direct impact of these on     the most vulnerable people in Norwich.

    10 Motion - Accessibility in the city centre

    Proposed by Councillor Haynes and seconded by Councillor Grahame

    People with disabilities – including learning disabilities or neurological disabilities – can face barriers to getting around Norwich, including road crossings that are difficult to use, street clutter and lack of accessible toilets. Changes and temporary roadworks pose particular problems, as reported in the EDP on 23 July 2016 and to scrutiny committee members during an ‘access walk’ in July. Alterations that may seem small can determine whether or not a person is able to navigate the city independently.

    Other councils including Hull have worked with local access groups to develop a ‘street charter’, setting out the council’s promise to people with disabilities regarding highways issues.

    Council RESOLVES to:

    1) recognise access issues within its corporate priorities

    2) ask cabinet :

       a) in association with disability groups, to create an accessibility charter for Norwich     which sets out the council’s promise to people with disabilities.

        b) when planning highways changes, to ensure people with disabilities are included in the     process from the start, not only consulted at the end.

        c) to organise an access walk whenever a new major project is created, including     representatives with a variety of types of disability.

        d) to ensure non-visible disabilities such as autism are considered when planning access     requirements.

        e) to continue to fund and promote the Norwich Access Group and their efforts to     highlight access issues in the city.

    11 Motion - Homes fit for an aging population

    Proposed by Councillor Lubbock and seconded by Councillor Ackroyd

    Through the adoption of the ‘Norwich Standard’, this council accepts the need to provide adequate living conditions for its tenants which is especially important as they grow older.
    Ensuring elderly tenants retain their independence and dignity, living in their homes as long as possible must be an essential part of this council's housing services.

    Council RESOLVES to ask cabinet to ensure choice is offered to tenants when upgrades to bathrooms are scheduled to properties - the choice of having a walk-in shower installed instead of a bath, with emphasis that this choice should be given to tenants without the need to prove that they are disabled or have certain medical conditions.


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