Meeting Details

    Climate and environment emergency executive panel
    30 Oct 2019 - 09:30



    Standard Items
    1 Appointment of chair
    To appoint the chair for the ensuing civic year.
    2 Appointment of vice chair
    To appoint the vice chair for the ensuing civic year.
    3 Apologies

    To receive apologies for absence
    4 Declarations of interest

    (Please note that it is the responsibility of individual members to declare an interest prior to the item if they arrive late for the meeting)
    Purpose - To consider the terms of reference of the climate emergency and environment executive panel.

    Purpose - To consider the draft Environmental Strategy 2019 - 2024

    7 Date of next meeting
    To agree to hold the next meeting on Wednesday 18 December 2019 at 9:30.

    Declarations of Interests


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