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    8 Mar 2023 - 16:30
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    Standard Items
    1 Apologies

    To receive apologies for absence.


    2 Declarations of interest

    (Please note that it is the responsibility of individual members to declare an interest prior to the item if they arrive late for the meeting).


    3 Public questions/petitions

    To receive questions / petitions from the public which have been submitted in accordance with the council's constitution.


    4 pdf Minutes (202Kb)

    To agree the accuracy of the minutes of the meeting held on 8 February 2023.


    Purpose:  This report presents the findings of the recent LGA Corporate Peer Review of the city council, together with the council’s response to the recommendations and proposed next steps.  The Peer Review feedback report is appended.



    Purpose:  This report is to update Cabinet on the NCC Towns’ Fund Programme.  It provides an update on progress being made in delivery on the towns’ fund programme, outlines the governance and oversight measures that have been put in place to manage the programme and gives an overview of the budget situation. It is intended that similar update will be provided annually for the duration of the programme.

    In addition to providing an overview of progress in relation to all projects, the report also seeks delegated authority to award a contract for the refurbishment and operation of The Digital Hub at Townshend House in order to minimise delay to that project.



    Purpose:  To seek approval of the Action Plan for Culture.


    Purpose:  To seek approval for the adoption of the tenant engagement strategy, housing management strategy and safer Norwich strategy 2023-26.


    Purpose:  The Council’s procurement strategy requires that each year, the Cabinet receives an update on how the strategy is being implemented. This report seeks to provide this update.


    Purpose:  To note and recommend to full Council the pay policy statement for 2023/24.


    Purpose:  To adjust the general fund capital programme to provide additional funds for major repairs and upgrades to The Halls.


    Purpose:  To seek approval to award a contract for a decoration allowance scheme for new housing tenants.


    Purpose:  To consider the award of four contracts for Asbestos Survey and analytical works, Asbestos Removal and Fire Risk Assessments as part of the Council's Compliance Improvement Plan.

    To consider that, where any future contract variations be required which would constitute a Key Decision, these be delegated to the Executive Director of community services, in consultation with the Portfolio Holder for Social Housing.



    Purpose:  To consider the award of the following Housing Revenue Account contracts
    2023-24 for housing maintenance and upgrades:

    • Window Upgrades
    • Domestic Heating Upgrades
    • Domestic Electrical Inspections, Upgrades and Rewires
    • Communal Estate Improvements
    • External decorations

    Purpose:  To request write offs for irrecoverable commercial customer debts in excess of £50,000 in accordance with the council’s financial regulations, following completion of all available debt recovery options.


    16 Establishing a Joint Venture with Anglian Water and Norfolk authorities to provide environmental credits (Report to follow)
    17 Exclusion of the public

    Consideration of exclusion of the public.


    Private Items
    *18 Establishing a Joint Venture with Anglian Water and Norfolk authorities to provide environmental credits - exempt appendix (para 3) (Report to follow)

    Supplementary Agenda

    Standard Items

    Purpose:  The issuing of planning consents for new overnight accommodation in Norwich is currently on hold due to the nutrient neutrality constraints that arose following guidance issued by Natural England in March 2022.

    The purpose of this report is to consider whether the Council should seek to participate in a Joint Venture company being established in partnership with neighbouring Councils and Anglian Water Ltd.  The purpose of the company will be to purchase environment credits created by the delivery of nutrient mitigation measures and sell the credits to the development industry so they will be able to provide information to the Local Planning Authorities so that the nutrient neutrality constraint may be overcome.


    *17 Exclusion of the public

    Consideration of exclusion of the public.


    Private Items
    *18 Establishing a Joint Venture with Anglian Water and Norfolk Authorities to provide environmental credits - Exempt appendices
    • This report is not for publication because it would disclose information relating to the financial or business affairs of any particular person (including the authority holding that information) as in para 3 of Schedule 12A to the Local Government Act 1972.


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    Councillor Alan WatersItem 6Declared and other interest as the chair of the National Centre for Writing.OtherNoted in the minutes.


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