The council is made up of 39 councillors. It meets several times a year and members of the public are welcome to attend. One of its broad functions is to agree the authority's policies which govern the way services are provided. In addition to this, it meets every year to set the budget, level of council tax and to elect the Lord Mayor and Sheriff.
    03 June 2014 - onwards
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    20 February 201819:3021:35Council chamberOccurred
    27 February 201819:3000:00This meeting has not been convenedScheduled
    20 March 201819:3021:45Council chamberOccurred
    22 May 201815:3016:55Council chamberOccurred
    26 June 201819:3021:15Council chamberOccurred
    24 July 201819:3021:15Council chamberOccurred
    25 September 201819:3021:55Council chamberOccurred
    27 November 201819:3021:20Council chamberOccurred
    29 January 201919:3022:20Council chamberOccurred
    26 February 201919:3021:20Council chamberOccurred


    PartyNameRoleMembership Dates
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    The Green Party
    Councillor Lucy Galvin Member 07/05/2021 - current
    Councillor Adam Giles Member 08/05/2019 - current
    The Green Party
    Councillor Lesley Grahame Member 08/05/2019 - current
    Councillor Emma Hampton Member 07/05/2021 - current
    Councillor Gail Harris Member 03/06/2014 - current
    The Green Party
    Councillor Ash Haynes Member 25/05/2021 - current
    Councillor Jacob Huntley Member 24/07/2018 - current
    Councillor Beth Jones Member 10/05/2016 - current
    Councillor Paul Kendrick Member 29/05/2015 - current
    Liberal Democrats
    Councillor Judith Lubbock Member 03/06/2014 - current
    Lucy Palmer, Democratic team leader
    01603 212416

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